“Working out what are the normal ups and downs of life”

Making sense of your child’s mental health needs can be as difficult for parents as it is for children and young people themselves.

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Working out what are the normal ups and downs of life and childhood, and when your child might need additional support can be really hard. It's normal and understandable that sometimes our own responses and fears as parents can get in the way of helping us to help our children. Sometimes it's difficult to work out what is normal moodiness, what is rudeness and what is a low mood that could tip into depression.  

Trying to talk with your child can seem like the hardest thing in the world when you want to talk things through seriously – and your child shuts down – or when you really want to be understanding and supportive but just end up blaming and criticising them.

Some of you may find instead that your child opens up but you don’t seem able to move the conversation forward.

When a parent finds themselves in this situation it's not unusual for them to stop trying.

It can help sometimes to stop thinking of this as a conversation – and more about the messages you are trying to share with your child; that they are worth caring about, you do care about them and that even though life feels awful and difficult at the moment it will not always stay this way.

Even though they may act up and behave in a challenging way sometimes, you know this is only a part of them, not all of them and that as they grow wiser and stronger they will shed this skin. You can click below for some handy hints about what to say and what not to say (but we’ve all done it so don’t be too hard on yourself!!)

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