Why do we call it Mental Health?

We think it is really important to be open about the fact that physical health is as important as Mental Health.

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It plays a huge part in our ability to live our lives – and to the live the kind of life we want to live.
We can think of Mental Health on a continuum, just like physical health. And just like we can look after our bodies through looking after our physical health so we can look after our minds by looking after our Mental Health.

This does not mean we can stop all mental health difficulties but it does mean we can try to stop mental health difficulties feeling so scary, and stop people blaming themselves for their mental health distress. We hope our project will help make it easier to know where to ask for help, and easier to actually ask for help. We have asked schools to name someone to be the Mental Health Champion in Schools.


A big part of the project is supporting staff in schools to support you, because young people have consistently said it is easier and less worrying to get help in school.

We are doing this by

  • Providing training for staff
  • Providing a mental health network
  • Making sure staff know how to get you the help that you need

The Mental Health Champions will be making sure that pupils and parents have good information about Mental Health. They will be running assemblies and other school activities on a range of Mental Health topics. This year we are looking at self-harm, and stress and anxiety. From September 2017 Next term we are looking at the Mental Health Effects of bullying. We would love to hear from young people about the themes which you think we should be covering. Let us know about these themes by emailing our Project Officer here: faye.keenan@relatebradford.com

Latest News

Mental Health Champions, Re-launch Conference, September 2018


Our huge MHC re-launch conference was featured in the Telegraph and Argus last week. With nearly 150 attendees, and speakers including Child and Adolescent Mental Health expert, Dr Pooky Knightsmith and Francis Murphy, of Pegasus School, Oxford, we had a truly inspiring day.

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